The night before my first day on the job I prepared three plates of lunch and taped instructions on the microwave so my precious babies wouldn’t starve! I was a stay at home mom until my children were ages 10, 9, and 6. How on earth would I, could I ever let my children come home to an empty house? How would they survive without me? The truth was – how would I survive that separation? How would I balance being the organized mom and wife that I was with being a newly working woman?

Oh how I remember my first day in the office. The children each called me to say that they arrived home from school and were about to heat up their lunch. As proud as I was of them for being so independent and supportive of my leaving them in order to join the workforce, the tears still flowed when I hung up the phone. But each day it got easier and easier. My husband and I agreed that he would prepare their breakfasts and I would prepare their lunches. I would throw laundry in the machine before walking out the door and then load the dryer upon my returning home. My new routine had actually become routine!

Days turned into months and months turned into years. Elementary school turned into junior high and junior high turned into high school. All of a sudden what seemed to be so far into the future was becoming more like the past…

I felt it the first time my oldest son took the car out on his own. I looked through the door peephole with tears in my eyes praying for his safe return home. My middle daughter and youngest son followed suit and each time I stood in the same position with the same emotions and flashbacks of the first time I left them in preschool. Only this time it was evident that my babies were growing into independent adults. I couldn't have been prouder but at the same time I realized that the inevitable was happening, in what seemed to be just a blink of an eye. The milestones of the boy scouts and girl scouts, high school, army service (in Israel it's mandatory), college and then the moving out on their own - although both my husband and I welcomed all of these with blessings, for me it meant that I had to find out where I fit in, in this new scheme of things. I had to find a way to reinvent myself as my own person, not just someone's wife and mother.

Luckily I had the foresight of what was ahead of me so fortunately, as my children were starting to grow into adulthood, I started investing in myself. I joined book clubs, attended political meetings, volunteered to host exchange students from abroad. I started and kept to an exercise routine in my evenings and took the time to meet with women friends for a coffee or light dinner, and finally got a career as a life coach. After all, when we are the best versions of ourselves, we bring out the best in those around us!  

My passion for a balanced life and helping others has driven me to become the Master Certified Life, Health & Wellness Coach I am today.

I can help you be the best version of you too!