Stay At Home Moms

Are you feeling…
Disorganized, Stressed and Inadequate;
Exhausted, Mechanical and Isolated; or maybe
Overwhelmed and Joyless?

Do you find yourself…
Unable to focus;
Losing, forgetting or misplacing things;
Spending little time with close friends or loved ones; or
Doing less about your appearance?

Do you wonder…
If you can create an ideal life balance;
If you can fill the roles of wife and mother without losing yourself;
If you can ever achieve self-actualization; or
If you can create inner-peace and “me” time?

Stay at home moms are also working moms so it’s not a surprise that you’re experiencing any of the above. Recognize that you can’t do everything all at once and when you try to, that is when you get stressed and overwhelmed. Being efficient taking care of children and all aspects of a home requires coming to terms with choices and focusing on priorities. Through my coaching I help you get organized and focus on a plan so that you can naturally find the right balance between life and motherhood. Contact me today!